Southern Sire Program

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Bull Evaluation Program:

A component of the West Virginia Young Sire Evaluation Program, the Southern Bull Evaluation Program, commonly known as the Southern Bull Test, provides an opportunity for small to mid-sized seedstock producers to evaluate genetic merit through a comprehensive post-weaning performance evaluation program. Bulls are fed a forage-based diet targeting moderate levels of gain and are managed in a real-world dry lot environment where they must actively compete to perform. Emphasis is placed on collection of accurate data and making appropriate comparisons to improve selection decisions for seedstock and commercial breeders alike. As a result, there are no single consignments and breeders must maintain a tie to their breeds national database through the use of reference sires. Approximately 90 bulls are accepted for evaluation annually.

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Heifer Development Program:

Originally conceived as a commercial heifer development program, the Southern Heifer Development Program primarily consists of registered heifers. In fact, many bull consignors also consign heifers and use the program as a means to maintain larger contemporary groups to improve the utility of collected performance data. Heifers are developed on a silage-based ration targeting moderate growth rates. Breeders must market 25% of consigned females should they qualify for sale. Approximately 115 heifers are accepted for evaluation annually.

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